Saunders Medina / A.4
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1926
Летающая лодка
Единственный экземпляр
Saunders. Ранние летающие лодки
Flight, July 1928

Saunders. Ранние летающие лодки

   В 1925 году "Saunders" получила заказ Высшего совета по делам авиации на транспортную летающую лодку. Был разработан и построен новый самолет- Saunders A.4 Medina, рассчитанный на шесть пассажиров и двух членов экипажа.
   Medina, биплан с нижним крылом большего размаха, имел узлы для установки поплавков устойчивости. Силовая установка включала пару 450-сильных (336 кВт) радиальных ПД Bristol Jupiter V, обеспечивающих максимальную скорость 185 км/ч. Масса снаряженного самолета составляла 5244 кг. Хотя самолет эксплуатировался в 1926-1929 годах, он остался в единственном экземпляре.

Flight, July 1928

Two Bristol "Jupiter" Engines

   THIS machine is designed and built by S. E. Saunders, Ltd., of East Cowes, Isle of Wight, and is a passenger-carrying flying-boat, carrying ten passengers in a cabin placed in the centre part of the hull. The machine carries a crew of two, and is fitted out with Marconi wireless. Lavatory and luggage compartments are also included in the hull.
   Hull. - The hull is constructed of Saunders' patent sewn plywood, and is fitted from the bows aft in the following manner: In the nose is a cockpit with hatch for the purpose of operating the boat, picking up moorings, etc. Immediately after this is the wireless compartment, and side-by-side seating for the pilot and crew.
   Behind the pilot's cockpit is the forward bulkhead of the cabin; in the latter are placed seats for ten passengers. Aft of the cabin on the starboard side there is a lavatory, and on the port side a companion ladder. Aft again of this is a luggage compartment.
   Wings. - The wings are of deep section, and are constructed of wood with large areas of plywood covering. The wings are of unequal span, the bottom wings being of greater span than the top. No bracing wires are used in this machine, the whole of the bracing being done by rigid tubular members.
   Controls. - The controls are actuated by tubular rods, the rudder and elevator being balanced by horn balances.
   Engine Installation. - The two Jupiter VI engine mountings are built on to and slung from the top wings; the after part of the fairing houses the fuel tanks, and the feed to the carburettors is by gravity.
   Wing Tip Floats. - The wing tip floats are bolted directly on to the wings, and are constructed on a similar principle to the hull.
Самолет A.4 Medina существовал только в виде прототипа. Он имел ряд интересных особенностей, включая отсутствие расчалок и поперечное V только на верхнем крыле.
The 58ft-span Saunders A.4 Medina G-EBMG.