Aeromarine Aeromarine 75
Aeromarine - Aeromarine 75 - 1919 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1919
Летающая лодка

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Flight, August 1920

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Aeromarine 75 (USA)

   Twelve-passenger (plus pilot and mechanic) commercial flying-boat produced after World War I. Powered by two Liberty engines. Notably used on the Key West to Havana route.

Flight, August 1920


   THE Aeromarine Plane and Motor Co., of Keyport, N.J., recently put into service a converted F-5-L type flying boat, fitted up as an "aerial yacht" for passenger work at Keyport. This air yacht - elegantly furnished with two cabins seating 10 passengers, a separate compartment for pilot and pilot-mechanician, and a luggage compartment - was officially launched by Governor Edwards of New Jersey on June 22, at the Aeromarine Co.'s plant.
   In general characteristics the "New Jersey," as this air yacht is named, is similar to the Navy F-5-L flying boats described in FLIGHT for July 31, 1919, the main feature being found in the arrangement of the cabins - and other modifications.
   In the bow of the big yacht, which is painted pure white, is a cockpit for observation purposes, affording an unobstructed view. Just behind this in the top of the hull is a sliding door. This leads into the main passenger cabin, beautifully furnished, roomy, and comfortable. This compartment contains six wicker chairs, arranged two by two, with an aisle between. Each passenger has a circular window of celluloid, 18 ins. in diameter, to himself. A sliding door connects with the front cockpit, so that passengers need not go up the stairs to reach it. To the rear of the big cabin, but ahead of the front wing beam, is a space for baggage or mail. Behind that is another compartment, corresponding to the chart room of a yacht, in which pilot and mechanic sit together. The roof of their compartment is raised above that of the main cabin, so that they have a clear view ahead. Beneath this compartment are the petrol and oil tanks. The pilot and mechanic are located under the upper wing, close to the two Liberty motors, which are set a short distance on either side of the hull in the gap between the wings. From the pilot's compartment a door opens direct to the lower wing, so that the mechanic can reach the motors while in flight. A dual control system is used to enable a pilot and pilot-mechanician to alternate in handling the "ship" in long flights.
   Behind the pilots, and also behind the wings, is another commodious cabin in the hull. This is not quite so large as the main cabin, for it is designed to seat four passengers. Large windows provide a clear view of the surrounding country.
   The boat has a high speed of 85 miles an hour, and a low or landing speed of 50 miles. Fuel and oil supply for four hours may be carried, in addition to the full load of 12 persons, each of an estimated weight of 180 lbs., and 620 lbs. of mail, freight or baggage.
   The air yacht has an upper wing spread of 104 ft. and a lower wing of 75 ft., giving her a total of 1,397 sq. ft. of supporting surface, not including that of elevators and stabiliser. The height is 18 ft. 9 ins. and length 50 ft. Two Liberty 12-cylindered motors, totalling 660 h.p. and driving tractor screws, are installed. The petrol-carrying capacity is 230 gallons, and oil capacity 20 gallons. Fully loaded it weighs 12,823 lbs., and without passengers, fuel, etc., it weighs 8,456 lbs.
   On the occasion of the launch of the "New Jersey," Governor Edwards drew attention to the fact that the first screw-propelled boat to be used in the United States for commercial purposes in 1840 was also named the "New Jersey." This vessel had a length of 70 ft., a beam of 10 ft. and a draught of 6 ft., the propeller being 6 ft. 4 ins. diameter, and its speed of 11 m.p.h. was then considered wonderful. After 80 years the new "New Jersey" presents an interesting comparison, with its speed of nearly 100 m.p.h. - a significant example of the progress made in transport.
Three-quarter front view of the Aeromarine 10-passenger Aerial Yacht (F-5-L type) "New Jersey"
Первой и долгое время единственной в США авиакомпанией, занимавшейся перевозкой пассажиров на регулярных авиалиниях являлась "Аэромарин Уест-Индис Эйруэйз", которая с 1 ноября 1919 г. открыла пассажирскую эксплуатацию летающих лодок "Аэромарин-75" по международному маршруту Ки Уест (шт.Флорида) - Гавана (Куба). "Аэромарин-75" могли перевозить дюжину пассажиров.
Aeromarine 75 Mendoza after carrying 27 people from Key West.
An all-year daily service is being flown, and has been in operation some time, by the Aeromarine West Indies Airways Co. between Key West and Havana, a distance of about 100 miles, which takes a little over an hour by air. The views show one of the six 11-passenger flying-boats employed on this service, taking on passengers and in flight. This is a similar service to the new one mentioned in "Flight" the other week by the Transair Co.
Interior view of the fore passengers' cabin on the Aeromarine Aerial Yacht, "New Jersey"