Lippisch / RRG Fafnir
Страна: Германия
Год: 1930

The Fafnir in the air, flown by Herr Groenhoff just after taking off at the Wasserkuppe
The "Fafnir," an interesting new glider built by the Rhon-Rossitten Gesellschaft, in flight at the Wasserkuppe during the competitions now in progress. The bird-like wings and the extraordinarily high aspect ratio should be noted. Extreme care has been taken in fairing the fuselage, and the pilot sits in a modified form of cabin, a centre fairing going right over his head and merging into the centre of the wing.
GLIDER EXPERIMENTS OVER BERLIN: Peter Riedel in the "Fafnir" sailplane soaring over Berlin.
Another photograph showing the nose of the Fafnir. It is expected that it will have a very flat gliding angle. The care with which all corners have been faired in can be seen.
The tail units of the Fafnir, which has been designed by Herr Lippisch to replace the Wien.
A RECORD BREAKER: The sailplane Fafnir II with which Heini Dittmar flew a record distance of 235 miles between the Wasserkuppe and Liban (Czechoslovakia) during the Rhoen gliding contest