Lippisch / RRG Falke (Slingsby T.1 / T.2 Falcon (Великобритания))
Страна: Германия
Год: 1930

Herr Krause, whose attempt to advertise Lyons Tea by gliding the Channel in his "Falke," was forstalled by Herr Kronfeld.
Slingsby in the British "Falcon."
John Sproule’s Lippisch Falke at Lasham.
Flt. Lt Murray and Mr. Stanley Sproule, who stayed aloft 22 hr. 13 1/2 min., breaking the world’s two-seater sailplane duration record.
Speed range: Early in the week Capt. Balfour, Under-Secretary of State for Air, flew the leisurely two-seater Fal­con III with Mr. Hugh Bergel (left). A few days before Capt. Balfour had been piloting a Hurricane.