Lippisch / RRG Hols der Teufel
Lippisch / RRG - Hols der Teufel - 1923 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1923

Lift-off! Historic Sailplane Group founder Mike Beach’s superb Hols der Teufel takes off from Dunstable last year in the first Hols launch from the site for more than 50yr, and possibly the first ever winch launch of the type.
A beginner's soarer, the Hols der Teufel with a member of the London Gliding Club just taking off. Herr Hirth soared in this machine during the meeting. This machine was designed in 1923 by Herr Lippisch, the designer of Herr Kronfeld's "Wien."
A view down the gallery at the Agricultural Hall. The gliders from left to right are the Hols-der-Teufel, the Scud, the Albatross, and the B.A.C. VI. Between this last and the Albatross is one of the Rice folding caravans.
A line-up of rarities at Brooklands. From the foreground: Slingsby Falcon I replica; Slingsby Gull III; Schleicher Rheinland; Manuel Willow Wren BGA 162; Abbott-Baynes Scud II; Hols der Teufel replica; Bleriot XI G-LOTI.