Air International 2018-05
S.Degraef, E.Borremans - Austria's Police Flyers /Parapublic/
The sole remaining Bell 206B JetRanger III is used for training new pilots and the occasional transport of personnel.
One of four Flugpolizei AS350B1S. The type's high-altitude capabilities means these helicopters are assigned to units operating in mountainous regions.
An EC135P2+ undergoing work at the unit's Wartungsbetrieb (maintenance unit) at Meidling.
The Austrian Flugpolizei operates seven FLIR-equipped EC135P2+ helicopters, which are based at Vienna-Schwechat, Salzburg and Klagenfurt.
The Flugpolizei is only allowed to rescue people in specific types of difficulty to avoid overlap with the dedicated HEMS mission allocated to Austria's OAMTC service operating a fleet of yellow H135T3s.
The quartet of EC135P2+ helicopters used for surveillance are equipped with Nightsun illumination and multispectral cameras, with the crew wearing night-vision goggles.
Four EC135s are used for surveillance missions, the three others 'slick' examples are used as multirole helicopters.
After receiving their wings, Flugpolizei pilots visit the various FESTs during a pilot apprentice phase before assignment as an operational pilot.