Air International 2017-09
P.Butowski - Enter the Su-57 /Military/
After successful completion of the first stage of T-50 testing, a preliminary conclusion of the test programme was signed at MAKS 2017. The state commission recommended production of an initial batch of aircraft which are to be assigned the new Su-57 designation.
T-50-9 509 was supposed to be shown to Vladimir Putin in a separate, closed pavilion, painted in similar large pixels. The type’s new Su-57 designation was supposed to be officially announced there, but the ceremony did not take place.
T-50-2 landing at Zhukovsky showing some of the modifications made to the aircraft during the first stage of testing. The main undercarriage doors are re-shaped and the fairing of the electronic countermeasures antenna located between the engines nozzles is new.
Su-57 final sensor suite configuration