Air International 2017-09
K.van der Mark - Desert Training /Military/
F-16AM J-015 from Volkel-based 312 Squadron, one of six deployed to Davis-Monthan for CONUS 2017, sits on the TFTC apron against the backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains.
A CATM-9X-2 training missile under the wing of a Tucson-based KLU F-16. The AIM-9X was first used on Dutch F-16s after an OT&E programme for the new missile in the initial days of the deployment to Davis-Monthan proved successful.
A Tucson-based 148th Fighter Squadron F-16AM taxies to the runway at its home base.
Both Dutch F-35As seen taxiing at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma on February 17, 2017. Together with Marines, a small KLU detachment hot-pit refuelled the jets at this Arizona base.