Aeroplane Monthly 1989-05
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
I-LIRI, c/n 94003, with Cyclone engines and original rudder.
C.94 I-ARNO as a pure flying-boat, casting further doubt on the Milan exhibit.
Corporation's C.94 LV-MAB Rio Parana, c/n 94012, seems to have brought the C.94 total to 13.
One of the South American C.94s over the River Plate.
I-ARNO at the first Salone Internazionali Aeronautica in Milan, October 12-28, 1935. This may have been a mock-up or partial mock-up.
C.94 I-NEPI, c/n 94000, with Cyclone engines, amphibious undercarriage and modified rudder.
The last of the Cyclone-powered C.94s, I-NARO, with modified rudder.
I-LATO was an Alfa Romeo-powered C.94.
C.94 I-NETO, also with Alfa Romeo engines.
The Alfa Romeo-powered C.94 I-NEVA was the last example, according to Macchi.
Looking aft through the cabin of a C.100.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S colour painting shows Alfa Romeo-engined C.94 I-ENZA with wartime markings.
The first C.100, almost certainly photographed at Genoa.