Aeroplane Monthly 1989-07
S.Harding - Confederate Commando
China Doll in May 1984, still bearing its World War Two-era Nationalist Chinese markings and the name Humpty Dumpty. The painted-over logo of its last commercial operator, Ortner Air Services, is just visible on the upper fuselage beneath the Chinese characters, which translate roughly as "Confederate Air Forces".
China Doll as she can be seen today - this picture was taken in September 1986 by Michael O'Leary.
Another view of N53594 when operated by Meteor Air Transport. The company owned the aircraft until August 1960, when it was sold to Riddle Airlines of Miami, Florida.
Close-up view of the C-46’s alluring namesake, the China Doll. This nose art was the final creation of Tony Starcer, the originator of the nose art on the famed B-17 Memphis Belle.
China Doll on finals to Camarillo Airport, home base of the CAF’s Southern California Wing.
Its definitive paint scheme not yet complete, the rather sinister-looking China Doll looked like an Air America Commando during this June 1985 airshow visit to Brown Field, near San Diego.
The future China Doll as she appeared in the early Fifties, when operated by Meteor Air Transport.
Interior of China Doll’s forward fuselage. The navigator’s position, right front, is directly aft of the yet-to-be-restored radio operator’s station.
The Commando's renovated cockpit, showing pilot’s position to the left and copilot’s to the right. The yellow board is a simple control lock.