Aeroplane Monthly 1989-07
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The batch of 50 O/400s numbered D8301 - D8350 was originally ordered from the British Caudron company, but the serial numbers were subsequently allotted to Handley Page Ltd, who assembled the aircraft from parts made by British Caudron and Harris Lebus. D8311 was completed in late August 1918, and was sent to France for use by the Independent Force, RAF; it arrived there on September 27, and moved to No 3 Aircraft Depot on September 29.
This O/400, C9704 was probably accepted late in July 1918. With wings folded, the overall width of the O/400 was reduced to 31ft; the full extended span was 100ft. Just ahead of the lower centre section can be seen the crew entry hatch: it bears the cautionary notice “Keep clear of the propellers".
This O/400, C9715, was one of the first production batch ordered from Handley Page Ltd under Contract No A.S. 27644. It was probably delivered early in August 1918, but it seems to have gone to France.
Two Handley Page O/100s at Coudekerque on April 20, 1918; these were probably of 214 Sqn. The aircraft at left has several flares in racks under the fuselage.
A Handley Page V/1500 climbs away after take-off. No doubt the seeming absence of the outermost starboard interplane struts is attributable to some photographic illusion.
This V/1500 was of the batch F7134 - F7143, built by Handley Page Ltd. Only nine of the ten were delivered, between November 1918 and March 1919. Unfortunately, the identity of this V/1500 cannot be accurately deter­mined.