Aeroplane Monthly 1991-10
R.Nesbit - Hunt for a Beaufort
Nimrod MR.2 XV233 of 42 Sqn, which flew under low cloud to commemorate the unveiling ceremony at Bomlo in Norway on August 13, 1991. The squadron is holding its 75th anniversary celebrations on September 27-29, 1991.
Three Beaufort Is of 22 Sqn on patrol in 1941, carrying torpedoes. The nearest aircraft was fitted with a blister gun, firing backwards. This was a Browning 0-303in, operated by the navigator lying in a prone position and looking through an arrangement of mirrors. After a few months this gun was discontinued since Beauforts normally flew at very low level.
A Norwegian fishing boat en route to Britain, photographed on September 22, 1941 by a 42 Sqn Beaufort. One man on the boat became so excited when he saw the RAF roundels that he fell over the side and had to be fished out by the others. The tailwheel of the Beaufort may be seen at top left.
The folding seat beside the pilot of Beaufort AW200, which came to the surface when the aircraft crashed in Borey fjord. This seat, still covered with foam rubber, is now in the posses sion of Mrs Bente Mary Svasand.
The pilot’s cockpit in a Beaufort, with the entry to the navigator’s compartment on the right. There was a folding seat to the right of the pilot, set back slightly, where the navigator sat during takeoff and landing. This seat came to the surface when AW200 crashed in Boroy fjord.
The navigator's position in the nose of the Beaufort. The chart table was on the left.