Aeroplane Monthly 1991-10
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The AK 1 on skis.
Probably the only AK 1, seen as RR-DAX with Dobrolet.
This Kalinin K4 was possibly the third prototype. The photograph was taken in 1928.
An Aeroflot Kalinin K5 with M-17f water-cooled engine and corrugated skin on the forward fuselage.
Пятиместный К-5 был превосходной машиной. Всего было построено 260 самолетов, производство было завершено только в 1934 году.
A Kalinin K5 with M-15 (Jupiter) engine and smooth-skinned forward fuselage.
A Dobrolet Kalinin K5 in Central Asia. This example has a Pratt & Whitney Hornet engine and corrugated skin on the forward fuselage.
KEITH WOODCOCK’S painting shows one of the widely-used Kalinin K5s.
Aviaarktika's Stal-3 SSSR-N252 with modified cockpit, low-pressure tyres and three-bladed propeller.
An Aeroflot Stal-3 being waved away. The engine is an M-22 and the spats have been removed or were never fitted.
В отличие от незакапотированной силовой установки у самолета "Сталь-2" двигатель машины "Сталь-3" был закрыт кольцом Тауненда. На некоторых самолетах этого типа устанавливался и рядный ПД М-17.
The Stal-3 All-steel Commercial Monoplane (480 h.p. M-22 engine). SSSR-L1206 is believed to have been used by Aeroflot.