Air International 1988-12
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Following the example of several other major air forces, the Republic of Singapore Air Force has adopted a toning-down programme for the markings on its operational aircraft. This C-130H (c/n 4844) is one of the four in service with No 121 Squadron and was photographed earlier this year at RAF Lyneham by Adrian Balch, showing the three-colour camouflage, with black-only national insignia, that has replaced the previous white and light grey finish with red and white insignia.
An He 70E-1 operated by A/B 116 at Goppingen winter 1940-41 for advanced training.
An He 70F-2 of 1.Staffel, Aufklarungsgruppe (F)/123, Grossenhain, 1936.
An He 70G-1 (Werk-Nr 909) operated by Lufthansa 1935-37 and subsequently serving with A/B 113 at Detmold.
An He 70F-2 of the Spanish Grupo 7-G-14 during the Battle of Brunete in the summer of 1937.
An He 70F-2 of 7-G-14, winter 1937-38
One of the 11 He 70F-2s that survived the Civil War with Escuadron 101 in the '50s.
An He 170A of 1.Onallo Tavolfelderito Osztaly (1st Independent Long-Range Recce Grp) at Kecskemet in the spring of 1939.