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??? - The Amiot 143 ... a study in angular ugliness /Warbirds/
An Amiot 143 of an unidentified Escadre with a Fairey Battle of the Advanced Air Striking Force shortly before the Wehrmacht assault in the spring of 1940.
Amiot 143 No 135 of the Ecole de Mitrailleurs at Blida, Algeria
Amiot 143 (E171) of the 4° Escadrille of the 22° Escadre in 1938
Aircraft of the 1 Groupe of the 34° Escadre, the aircraft in the foreground having the shorter nose of the first 40 off the line.
The Amiot 143 No 01 which commenced its flight test programme at Villacoublay in August 1934
An aircraft of the Groupe de Transport III/15 at Oujda, Morocco, in 1942.
The first series production aircraft, the Amiot 143 No 1, which was completed at the beginning of 1935, differing essentially in nose turret design and in having the open dorsal gun position replaced by a rotating To 14bis turret.
An Amiot 143 (No 24 E183) of the Section Pilotage sans visibility (Blind Flying Section) at Cazaux in 1940.
A short-nosed Amiot 143, No 12, apparently flown to the UK in the summer of 1940. It was not impressed by the RAF and its ultimate fate remains unknown.
Amiot 143s of the 34° Escadre at their home base prior to WWII. Note the emblems of the 3eme and 4eme escadrilles on the vertical fins.
Amiot 143M (No 41 et seq)