Air International 1992-12
J.Fricker - YAK-141
Of all the aircraft shown by Russia at this year's Farnborough air show, the most technically advanced was Yakovlev's venture into supersonic V/STOL, the Yak-141 'Freestyle'. The Bureau made no secret of the fact that this surviving prototype was displayed to engender some interest in the project and that unless support was forthcoming from a prospective user, development will he halted and the design cancelled. The aircraft is shown hovering with flaps and slats extended.
Underwing pylons were fitted to the display aircraft and pictures have shown them carrying missiles although weapons trials have not proceeded very far.
Main engine nozzle with an avionics pod (left) and a brake parachute housing.
The heavily-forged main gear legs which were designed with carrier landings in mind. The tyre shows the usual wear seen on many Russian aircraft.
The aircraft is shown landing with flaps and slats extended.
Only one public display was performed by the Yak-141 at this year's Farnborough and during its hover and transition stages it remained much higher that the altitude more usually associated with the only other pure V/STOL aircraft, the Harrier.
A view of the aerodynamic and recirculation strakes just forward of the main undercarriage leg. Also visible is the semi-buried 30mm cannon offset to port.
The main undercarriage doors form part of the lower strake which has additional transverse surfaces extending when the main engine nozzle deflects to act as extra recirculation dams.
Yak-141 instrument panel. On the top left of the coaming is a combined angle of attack/g meter, the centre dial below the top black panel indicates the main nozzle position and below that is an abbreviated weapons control panel.
General arrangement drawing of the Yak-141.