Air International 1992-12
Vietnam Veterans /Veteran & Vintage/
MiG-21US 'Mongol-B' 5046 was flown by the 921 st Fighter Regiment during the Vietnam War but is now preserved at Da Nang.
Captured UH-1H 780 preserved at the Ho Chi Minh museum in Da Nang was one of several captured examples to wear non-standard national insignia, comprising the North Vietnamese flag rather than the more usual star-and-bar, although the flag has now weathered away on this 'Huey' to reveal the US insignia beneath.
In rather weathered Iranian Air Force-style camouflage, this anonymous F-5E (F-5A ???) is preserved at the Military Museum in Ho Chi Minh City.
Surrounded by lush vegetation, this anonymous Nanchang CJ-6 is displayed at Nhatrang and displays a roundel on the fin, typical of all VPAF training aircraft, rather than the usual star-and-bar insignia.