Air International 1992-10
Preserved down Mexico way /Veteran & Vintage/
At the Museum of Technology in Mexico City is this ex-Royal Canadian Air Force B-25J-20-NC Mitchell (44-29128); it shares the Museum frontage with the Aero Commander 680F on the left and DC-3 MT-203.
A full view of the DC-3 with the B-25 behind. One of five formerly operated by the Mexican Navy. MT-203 (MT-Marina Transporte) carries the current naval insignia on the fuselage and the earlier type on the fin.
Another DC-3 is 'El Mexicano', the country's first presidential aircraft delivered to Mexico in 1947 and operated until November 1978. Sited at the International Airport, the DC-3 amassed 8,904hr 40min accident-free flying only to be dropped and damaged when being lifted onto its present plinth.
The only aircraft displayed at the 'Museo del Ejercito y Fuerza Aerea' at Popotla is this North American T-28A, No 936.
At BAM No 5 'Santa Lucia' just outside the City sits this Beech AT-11 in the markings of 'Escuadron Aereo de Bombardeo 101'. One of 34 used by the FAM. BHB-1531 was delivered in August 1951. The fabric areas are in need of some attention due to the ravages of the climate.
P-47D-35-RA, reportedly PZT-1016 (44-90217), at BAM No 5 'Edo de Mexico' forming a monument to the World War Two Mexican Expeditionary Force. The aircraft was delivered to the FAM on November 7, 1945, and flown by the squadron commander of Esc 201.