Air International 1992-12
R.Francillon - Hoverfly: the Sikorsky R-4 story
Hovering in front of the control tower at Tinian, in the Marianas, on April 1, 1945 is R-4B 43-46533. The B-29 in the background bears the 'Hellbirds - with Malice Toward Some' insignia of the 462nd Bombardment Group, 58th Bombardment Wing, Twentieth Air Force.
The XR-4 after being fitted with a single tail rotor and having the fuselage and tail boom covered.
A YR-4B (42-107245) in flight at Wright Field on May 30, 1944. One of the five Sikorsky XR-5A prototypes can be seen on the ground below the YR-4B's tail rotor.
To demonstrate operations from small platforms, the XR-4 conducted trials at Wright Field on June 25, 1942.
Подъем на спасательной лебедке И.Сикорского на борт вертолета R-4
Igor Sikorsky on the rescue sling of an HNS-1 (BuNo 39040) during demonstration of the electrically-operated hoist.
The float-equipped XR-4 landing aboard the SS 'Bunker Hill' on May 7, 1943. Clearance between the main rotor and the ship's mast and guy wires was minimal.
First of three YR-4As, FT833, assigned to the Royal Navy pictured shortly after arrival in the UK.
Flying over the Long Island Sound on July 20, 1943, the XR-4 is shown during trials aboard the SS 'James Parker', a troopship operated by the US Army Transportation Corps.
В 1944 году в Бирме R-4 ВВС Армии США впервые в мире выполнил поисково-спасательную операцию, эвакуировав сбитого летчика из тыла японцев.
Sikorsky R-4B (43-46583) hovering over the deck of a ship of the 6th Aircraft Repair Unit (Floating) anchored in Subic Bay, The Philippines, on September 8, 1945.
A Coast Guard HNS-1 landing aboard the USS ‘Midway’ (CVB-41) during operations in Arctic waters between Labrador and Greenland in March 1946.
The Sikorsky XR-4 hovering at the plant on the occasion of its first flight on January 14, 1942. Although of poor quality, this photo has the merit of showing the XR-4's initial configuration with truss-mounted horizontal rail rotor, no rear fuselage covering, and aft location of tail wheel.
Sikorsky R-4 Hoverfly Mk.1
General arrangement drawing of a Hoverfly I.