Air International 1992-12
R.Grant - A Hawker to God's Narrows!
Seen here with combined titles shortly after Austin Airways had been merged with Air Ontario. HS.748 Srs 2A C-GSXS has since moved on to Air Creebec. The aircraft is seen here parked alongside a DC-3, a type which the HS.748 has partly replaced due to being able to carry twice the load at nearly double the speed in pressurised comfort.
HS.748 CF-MAK of Calm Air has served its entire life in Canada since delivery in 1969. Based at Thompson, Manitoba, the airline serves the west coast of Hudson Bay almost daily with its HS.748s, this example being seen at Baker Lake, North West Territories where these Eskimos depend on the aircraft for vital supplies.
HS.748 Srs. 2A C-GQTH served with several Canadian operators before joining Air Manitoba.
Air Manitoba HS.748 C-FTTW is now 22 years old and much travelled, having previously seen service in Botswana, The Comoros Islands, France, Portugal, South Africa, the UK and Zambia. With Air Manitoba the aircraft now operates daily in blowing snow, crosswinds and extreme temperatures but large cargo doors, built-in airstairs and modified heating systems enable fast turnarounds on scheduled runs.
Kelner Airways HS.748 Srs 2A C-CLTC, one of six operated by the Pickle Lake. Ontario-based airline, all in freighter configuration.