Aeroplane Monthly 1974-10
P.Moss - British Airways (1)
United Airway's Armstrong Whitworth Argosy II, G-AACJ, after transfer to British Airways, at Stanley Park.
Hillman's D.H.89 Rapide G-ACPO, one of eight operated by the company.
Hillman's D.H.86A G-ADEB. The Air Mail crest is visible just forward of the registration letters.
A D.H.86A G-ADMY, St. George, of British Continental Airways.
Hillman's D.H.84 Dragon G-ACAN, the prototype, in distinctive three-tone livery of mid-blue, white and silver.
Edward Hillman standing by his fourth aircraft, Puss Moth G-ABVX, named Gilford, at Maylands in August 1932.
Hillman's D.H.83 Fox Moth G-ABVI, named Chris.
The Spartan Three-Seater II Coup used by Spartan Air Lines and later transferred to United Air Lines.
Spartan Air Lines' Spartan Cruiser II G-ACVT used on the London-Isle of Wight service.
HOMEWARD BOUND: The Faithful City photographed at Almaza Aerodrome, Cairo, on its way home.
Spartan Air Lines' Spartan Cruiser III G-ACDW, Faithful City, seen at Misr Airworks base in Egypt.
Spartan Cruiser G-ACSM in British Airways ownership, but late of Spartan Air Lines, when it was named Sussex.
Spartan Cruiser II G-ACZM after transfer to British Airways.
G-AAYY, the D.H.60G operated by United Airways and seen here at Blackpool.