Aeroplane Monthly 1978-03
W.Thompson - North American's Twin Mustang (2)
F-82G 6351 Double Trouble airborne during a practice interception mission in the spring of 1950. Okinawa is in the background.
F-82G The Sexy Doo-Ver of the 4th Squadron in flight off Okinawa, 1950. The large centre-section radar nacelle is conspicuous.
F-82G 6394 Dottie Mae of the 4th Squadron over Okinawa in 1950. John Redrup is the pilot.
Four F-82Gs in tight formation over Okinawa during 1950. John Redrup is the pilot of the nearest machine, Dottie Mae.
A few days before the Korean War broke out the 4th Squadron put on a show of force over Okinawa, every operational aircraft being put into the air.
The world's only airworthy Twin Mustang is F-82B N12012, which was restored by the Confederate Air Force in Texas. Picture by Michael O’Leary.
F-82G 6359 of the 68th Squadron, Itazuke, Japan, in 1950.
6367 Lover Boy of the 339th Squadron, Johnson Air Base, Japan, 1950.