Aeroplane Monthly 1978-03
A.Jackson - Avro Baby /British pre-war ultralights/ (1)
The replacement prototype Avro Baby, K-131, in a dazzle scheme with both temporary and permanent registrations, at the ELTA aerodrome near Amsterdam, August 1919
The first, short-lived, Avro Baby prototype at Hamble in April 1919. Its first flight lasted only two minutes, the ignition switch being inadvertently knocked off at 300ft on take-off on April 30, 1919.
Hinkler's Baby after restoration for static exhibition by the Royal Queensland Aero Club in 1972.
THE AVRO BABY: Three-quarter Rear View
The Avro Baby (35 h.p. Green) appeared in the spring of 1919 and was thus the first accepted "light plane".
H. A. Hamersley taking off in K-131 to compete in the Aerial Derby Handicap Race at Hendon, June 21, 1919.
G-AUCQ, the third rebuild of the prototype Baby, at Geelong in 1928 after overhaul by the Pratt brothers for Frederick Fitzallen.
Avro 534 Baby G-AUCQ