Aeroplane Monthly 1978-04
A.Jackson - Avro Baby /British pre-war ultralights/ (2)
H. A. Hamersley leaving Hendon in the plywood fuselage Baby, G-EAUG, at the start of the Aerial Derby Handicap Race, July 24, 1920.
Flt Lt H. H. Leech flour bombing from G-EAUM during the Cambridge Aero Club meeting at Conington, June 10, 1929.
The ill-fated, short-spun Avro 534C racer with Southampton Water, scene of its demise, in the background.
The special Avro 534D Baby built for India.
The two-seat Baby, G-EAUM, outside the Hamble works, showing its longer nose, unlouvred cowlings and four exhaust stubs.
One of two recent types of Avro biplanes: the "Water Baby," an amphibious edition of the Aerial Derby-famed "Baby"
The Avro 534A Water Baby at Hamble, October 1919.
Bert Hinkler (left) and H. G. Leigh with the multiple aerofoil Baby at Hamble in 1920.
Capt T. Tulley taking off in the sole two-seater, fitted with a long range tank, at the start of the Aerial Derby, Hendon, July 16, 1921.
The Russian pilot Gwaiter enjoying a well earned smoke after flying from Hamble to Moscow on 35 h.p. in 1922.
View of the Avro 554 Antarctic Baby.
Единственный экземпляр Avro 554, известный как Shackleton или Antarctic Baby, строился главным образом для поддержки экспедиции Эдвина Шэклтона на Южный полюс. Самолет сфотографирован на рулежных испытаниях в Саутгемптоне-Уотере в 1921 году.