Air Enthusiast 2003-11
J.Cotter - Reborn Kiwi P-51
North American P-51D-25-NT Mustang '414419' 'Janie'.
"Janie" seen in all her glory during an air-to-air shoot over Suffolk in August 2003.
Maurice Hammond during the take-off run in 'Janie' at Hardwick on August 17, with Michael Le Mesurier in the back seat.
At Pete Coleman's property on Ben Morven Road, Blenheim.
The Mustang with the engine running while located at a friend's farm.
Captain Bill Price with the original 'Janie' at Raydon in October 1944.
Fg Off Michael Le Mesurier in NZ2427 after his first Mustang solo on September 19, 1954.
'2427 with its engine running at Omaka. Judging by the number, it appears that the Mustang received a replacement chin cowl at some stage.
NZ2427 at Woodbourne prior to its sale in May 1958.
A good study of NZ 2427 at Omaka, just prior to being moved to Ben Morven Road.
Michael back inside the same Mustang he made his first solo on type in almost 50 years on, with its now owner and pilot Maurice Hammond about to get in and take him flying.