Aeroplane Monthly 1979-08
R.Halley - The Kabul Raid
H.P. O/400 C9700 at Serny, France, en route to India.
Three views of the wrecked H.P. O/400 C9700 at Risalpur in April 1919.
The man and his machine. Handley Page V/1500 J1936 HMA Old Carthusian at Karachi and, inset, the author and pilot of the aircraft, Gp Capt Robert Halley, in later years.
After the raid J1936 was damaged by termites and never flew again. The fuselage survived as a squadron office at Risalpur.
A close guard protects HMA Old Carthusian, the aeroplane that ended a war all by itself.
HMA Old Carthusian in India, March 1919. The V/1500 could carry a bomb load of 7,500lb and weighed 30,000lb fully loaded.