Aeroplane Monthly 1979-09
H.Levy - Indian Album
The only Republic P-47D thunderbolt in India at the time was FL731 of the RAF, seen during tropical trials at Amar da Roads.
This RAF Lockheed 12A was an ex-Dutch aircraft, one of three serialled LV760-762 (although the serial looks more like LV700 - allocated to a Spitfire LF VIIF!). It was photographed at Fenni on May 8, 1944.
Vultee Vengeance II AN?95 of the IAF at Tezgoan on May 16, 1944. Note wheel leg rotation during retraction.
IAF Vengeance AP114 at Tezgoan on May 16, 1944, the pilot checking the dive brakes visible above and below the wing.
another IAF Vengeance II takes off from Amarda Roads on May 20, 1944
Fairchild 24W Argus II FS628 at Tezgoan on May 9, 1944. One of a batch of 161 ex-USAAF machines, constructor's numbers 381-541.