Air Enthusiast 1998-11
D.Gordon - European 'Flashes
RF-84F-25-RE Thunderflash 52-7347 of the 302nd TRS, 1957.
RF-84F-10-RE Thunderflash 51-1911 of the 38th TRS, 10th TRW, 1955.
RF-84F-25-RE Thunderflash 52-7313 of the 303rd TRS, 1956.
Rare colour photo of RF-84F-25-RE 52-7292 of the 32nd TRW, 66th TRS, at Phalsbourg, 1957.
RF-84F-25-RE 51-17005 of the 32nd TRS, 10th TRW, showing off its potential camera fitments at Spangdahlem, 1956.
RF-84F-25-RE 52-7294 of the 66th TRW at Sembach, 1956. Note the lack of unit insignia and the exercise markings below the cockpit and on the fin.
Colourful markings of the 303rd TRS, on RF-84F-25-RE 52-7313, 1957.
Another 'Dash 25' Thunderflash, 52-7343 of the 303rd TRS, 66th TRW, at the Wethersfield 'Open House', 1957.
Air-to-air of RF-84F-25-RE 52-7347 of the 302nd TRS, 66th TRW, 1956.
Alabama Air National Guard (106th TRS) RF-84F-35-RE at Dreux, France, in 1961 during the Berlin crisis.
Republic RF-84F Thunderflash.