Air Enthusiast 1998-11
R.Neto - Trujillo's Boys
Brazilian mercenary instructor Wilson Bitencourt Braga and his Dominican pupils in front of an A-36A Apache, the ground attack version of the P-51
A US bomber crew took this shot of three Dominican P-51s that intercepted it when it trespassed into their airspace. Left to right, Itamar in P-51B 403, Guimaraes in P-51B 401 and Ajuz in P-51D 405.
A group of Brazilian pilots pose in front of a Dominican P-51D. Left to right: Barbosa, Martins, Menno. Barreto, Itamar, Braga, Ajuz and Guimaraes.
Several Dominican Mustangs survive, all but one based in the USA. The exception to the rule is the South African Air Force Historic Flight’s example, under restoration to fly again at Swartkop. P-51D-20-NA 44-72202 was supplied to the Royal Swedish Air Force as Fv26112 (the type was known as the J26 in RSwAF service) on June 13, 1947. Refurbished by Cavalier Aircraft, it was supplied to the AMD (as it was then known) in December 1952 and was on strength until 1984. It was then acquired by a US collector and shipped to South Africa, arriving on November 19, 1987. Restoration has been underway ever since and is currently nearing completion. The aircraft will fly in the colours of the SAAF’s 2 Squadron as ‘325’. No.2 served with great distinction flying their Mustangs in Korea. SAAF Mustangs only operated overseas, when ‘325’ takes to the air, it will be the first time a P-51D has flown in their markings under South African skies.
Nilton Miguel Ajuz in front of a Dominican P-51D.
Brazilian mercenary instructors and their Dominican pupils in front of a CAM AT-6. In front, kneeling, from left to right, the Brazilians Ajuz, Braga, Martins, Barbosa and Guimaraes. At left, over the starboard wing, four Dominican Lieutenants, Javier, Soeiro, Santana and Brenno; at right, over the port wing, another four Lieutenants, Baltazar, Bautista, Luna and Zaha. Over the engine cowling, Lt Rodrigo.
Instructors Guimaraes, Barbosa, Itamar, Menna Barreto, Fernandez, Martins, Ajuz and Braga with Dominican Colonel Fernandez (under the nose) in front of a P-38,
Nilton Miguel Ajuz in the cabin of his favourite P-38.