Aeroplane Monthly 1980-04
D.Middleton - Avro Anson /RAF Piston Trainers/ (8)
Anson 1 K6163, from the first production batch, is seen here on strength with the CFS in company with Oxford L4537 and Hart Trainer K5863.
The second prototype Avro 652, G-ACRN Ava, which flew the Croydon-Brindisi route for Imperial Airways for several years.
Anson T.1 N5331 of 6 AONS, Staverton, Gloucestershire, 1941. Just visible aft of the figure 5 on the nose is a small Polish Air Force insignia.
The Anson was the first monoplane to enter RAF service, in March 1936, and the first to employ a retractable undercarriage.
Avro "Ansons" (two "Siddeley "Cheetahs") of Nos. 220 and 206 (General Reconnaissance) Squadrons, R.A.F., at Bircham Newton.
Anson Is of No 220 Squadron. K8750 was transferred to the RCAF, but was lost at sea en route.
A line-up of Anson Is from the sixth production batch at Woodford in January 1939. N4934 in the foreground
Anson 1 N5531 of 6 AONS showing its plan form
Anson 1 N5531 of 6 AONS putting the wind up The Aeroplane’s photographer.
Anson Is of 215 Sqn on coastal patrol in 1937. K6291 crashed while landing at Barrow on May 6, 1944.
The three Ansons K6291, K6295 and K6296 were originally issued to No 215 Squadron. Note the absence of turrets.
Three Ansons of No 9 FTS, N9765, N9561 and N9570, in Training Command's green, brown and yellow camouflage scheme.
OUTSTANDING MILITARY TYPE. The Avro Anson has been adopted as a standard coastal reconnaissance type. It does 188 m.p.h. with two 310 h.p. Cheetah IX's.
The prototype Avro 652 Anson at Woodford early in 1935. It made its first flight on March 24 that year.
Anson 1 K6255 of No 269 Squadron, which crashed into Shiel Hill, Renfrewshire, in July 1939.
Anson production line with nearly completed aircraft awaiting interior equipment and fuselage covering.
Avro 652A, Anson T.1, N5331 of 6 A ON S Staverton, Gloucestershire, 1940