Aeroplane Monthly 1980-08
News Spotlight
The big event of the day was the first public flight since the late 'forties of Parnall Elf Mk II G-AAIN, which took to the air in the evening. Its first flight after restoration had taken place on June 25, 1980, only four days earlier. Built in 1932, it was once owned by Lord Apsley, and was acquired by the Shuttleworth Trust in July 1951. Powered by a 120 h.p. ADC Hermes II engine, it is reported to fly quite sedately. The Warren girder wing bracing is distinctive. It should be a regular performer once minor problems have been resolved.
Another visitor was J. J. Parkes' D.H.85 Leopard Moth G-ACMN, based at Martlesham Heath. Note the strut-mounted generator.
The Shuttleworth Collection's at Old Warden on Sunday June 29, 1980 was devoted to light aircraft of the 'twenties and 'thirties ("Moth Day"), and a great variety of types took part in the display or attended as visitors. One of the latter was Cliff Lovell's beautiful black and yellow American-built D.H.60GMW Moth. Previously registered N585M, it is now aptly marked G-AAMY, a registration once alloted to an unbuilt D.H.60X.
Tony Haig-Thomas' D.H.60G was kept busy throughout the day giving rides to contributors to the Aeroplane Monthly/Shuttleworth hangar appeal. As the hangar is for D.H. types, it was literally earning its keep.