Aeroplane Monthly 1980-08
P.Amos - Miles M.9A Master I /RAF Piston Trainers/ (10)
Stages in the evolution of commercial aircraft. The Hampstead.
A "private-venture" machine, the new Miles advanced fighter-trainer is powered with a Kestrel XVI which gives it a top speed of 290 m.p.h.
The private-venture Miles Kestrel, later registered U-5, was well ahead of its time.
N3300, the first prototype Master I, converted from the private venture Kestrel prototype, was delivered to the RAE in October 1938.
Mr. H. W. C. Skinner, chief test pilot, does a "straight and level" above the clouds on a production Master.
The first production Master T.Mk I was N7408.
A fine study of Master I N7547, with the mouth-like radiator intake and undercarriage “knuckle” well shown.
N7420 on finals, with full flap and undercarriage down.
Master N7412, seen with the rear seat raised, was later converted to become the prototype M24 single-seat Master Fighter.
View of the Master prototype N3300 in flight during 1938-39. The extended rear fuselage and production-standard tail surfaces eliminated the directional hunting encountered during early Martlesham trials.
Production at Woodley, with centre sections ready for transfer to the advanced track assembly line opposite. This system enabled the first 500 Master Is to be delivered between July 1939 and September 1940, a production rate of 33 machines per month.
A closeup of the pupil and instructor positions in the Master I.
Miles M.9a Master I of 5 SFTS Sealand, Flintshire, November 1939