Aeroplane Monthly 1980-09
C.Burnet, E.Morgan - The V-bombers (1)
WZ376 and WZ390 on a flight refuelling exercise.
Valiant B.Mk 1 WP209 takes off from Farnborough on July 31, 1955, heading for Woomera, Australia, for bomb ballistic trials. Two point-to-point records were established en route.
Valiant WP199 as a test bed for the Pegasus vectored thrust engine, fitted in a Harrier-type dummy fuselage.
Последняя из 106 машин Valiant покинула заводской аэродром в Уизли в сентябре 1957 года. Самолеты последней серии 44 B(K).Mk 1 оснащались ТРД Avon 205 с возможностью впрыска водометаноловой смеси и имели удлиненный хвостовой конус, скрывавший антенну РЛС обнаружения.
XD875, the last production Valiant, leaves Brooklands on its delivery flight.
Eight Valiants lined up at RAF Gaydon, Warwickshire, home of No 232 OCU, in March 1956.
The Super Sprite jettisonable rocket installation on a production Valiant.
Second prototype WB215 demonstrates Super Sprite takeoff agility at the 1956 SBAC Show.
A proposal for twin 20mm cannon tail armament for the Valiant, code-named “Eager Beaver”
Vickers Valiant