Aeroplane Monthly 1981-08
Sir, Your picture of D.F.W. C-V 4482/18 which appeared in Personal Album (Aeroplane Monthly, June 1981) greatly interests me, in that I believe the photograph must have been taken when the machine was still whole and in the possession of the German Air Service in Palestine.
You will see from the photo of the same aircraft, that it ended its condition in Tul Keram, of late the Turkish VIII Army HQ, some 20 odd miles north-east of Jaffa. It was photographed there in October 1918 by my father, Second-Lieutenant F. G. Wright who, at the time, was officer-in-charge of the Egyptian Labour Corps in that area. Freeland, Oxford. PETER WRIGHT
The photograph taken at Margate in September 1929, shows my wife and I about to take off for an aerial joy-ride. The pilot was Capt Percival Phillips the subject of the splendid article about this much loved airman in your June issue. The aircraft was the famous Avro 504, G-EBIZ.
The photograph of G-AGUM taken sometime in 1949.
Mr Haigh’s two photographs of the Lancastrian G-AGMB after its landing incident at RAF Tengah.