Air International 2022-09
T.Withington - The Great Leap Forward
The F-22A Raptor was originally intended to have distributed radar arrays either side of its forward fuselage, although this appears to have been abandoned for reasons of cost
The RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon jets are to be fitted with the ECRS Mk2 radar as part of a $278m deal announced in July 2022
The RAF’s new ECRS Mk2 radar will equip the force’s later models of Eurofighter Typhoon. Technologies from this radar could migrate into the radar equipping the forthcoming Tempest
The latest radar technology could be in operation on RAF Typhoons by 2030.
Combat aircraft radars were used en masse from World War Two. The Luftwaffe’s FuG 202 Lichtenstein-B/C radar was one of the first such systems to enter service
The fifth gen F-35 will like tomorrow’s sixth-generation jets, fight as part of a much larger force of sea, land, air, and cyber assets