Air International 2022-09
A.Mladenov - In a tail spin
The Mi-26T2 is a vastly improved version of the 56-tonne Mi-26, selected by the militaries in Algeria and Jordan, ordering 14 and four aircraft, respectively
Rostvertol is the manufacturer of both tte Mi-35M and Mi-28NE attack helicopters (seen here) offered for export customers, to other with more advanced derivatives built for the Russian military
This is the weapons selection cleared for the Mi-28NE
The Mi-28NE was delivered to the air arms of Iraq and Algeria. The first machines for Iraq lacking mast-mounted radars were handed over in August 2014. To date, the type has found two more customers - Uganda and Bangladesh
This is a Mi-171E built at U-UAP for the Chinese military. Prior to 2020, all Chinese purchases from Russia involved ‘green’ helicopters, which received weapons, sights and self-protection equipment after delivery, the modifications made by local companies in China
The ship-borne Ka-52K attack helicopter is set to be taken on strength by China, for equipping the air wing of its Type-075 amphibious assault ships, but the purported deal is shrouded in secrecy and no details are known yet
The Indian Air Force Mi-17V-5s are a mixture of helicopters with single-piece rear ramps and the old-style manually operated clamshell doors as shown here
The Mi-35M is expected to continue in production for five years as it is still in demand by this category of export customers who prefer to purchase affordable attack helicopters
The Mi-35M Hind is being promoted by Rosoboronexport as a multi-role combat helicopter endowed with day/night attack capability and at the same time capable of transporting up to eight fully equipped troops or providing medical evacuation of up to four casualties