Aeroplane Monthly 1984-01
Thu Curtiss-built P-47G-10-CU Thunderbolt is probably one of the most authentic World War Two fighter restorations flying. It is the culmination of many years' hard work by owner Ray Stutsman of Evansville, Indiana, who found the aircraft in a California junk yard where it had rotted for 25 years. N47DG has been brought back to its original state and is completely detailed in all respects, even down to the eight wing-mounted .50 calibre Brownings - non firing of course. Photograph by MICHAEL O'LEARY.
DOWN TO THE SEA. A Supermarine "Seagull V" with Bristol "Pegasus II M" engine, one of a batch tor the Royal Australian Air Force, heads for the open water while the new Orient liner Orion leaves Southampton on her maiden voyage. In the British Fleet Air Arm, incidentally, the "Seagull" will be known as the "Walrus."
CHARLES E. BROWN classic photograph, depicting a Royal Australian Air Force Seagull V flying over the liner Orion as it leaves Southampton Water on its maiden voyage in August 1935.
NORMAN PEALING'S photograph features the Hon Patrick Lindsay's Fiat G-46, G-BBII, flown by Tony Bianchi of Personal Plane Services.