Aeroplane Monthly 1984-12
R.Riding - RAE Hurricane /British pre-war ultralights/ (45)
The Hurricane at Lympne in October 1923, where it spent much of the time on the ground.
The Hurricane in its final form, with strutted undercarriage and Cherub III engine racing at Bournemouth in August 1926 in the hands of Flt Lt Chick.
The Hurricane in its final form, probably at Lympne in 1924. Note the way in which the fuselage decking is hinged around the pilot's head.
The same aircraft, in original form, at the Lympne lightplane trials in October 1923.
SOME LIGHT PLANES COMPETING AT LYMPNE: The R.A.E. Aero Club "Hurricane" with Bristol "Cherub."
The Hurricane in its later form, with lengthened fin and rudder, strutted undercarriage and rounded fuselage top decking.
Bulman making a turn in the Grosvenor Challenge Cup race at Lympne in October 1924.
The same aircraft at the same meeting. The pilot's feet can be seen where the bottom engine cowling has been removed during running up of the Cherub III engine. The Hurricane was doped silver.
R.A.E. Hurricane