Aeroplane Monthly 1984-12
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Probe Probare (9)
An unpainted, newly-delivered Seversky P-35 at Mitchel Field.
Maj Seversky flying the 1XP over New York City.
FRANK B. MORMILLO’s plate features the Seversky AT-12 of Planes of Fame over its base at Chino, California.
Seversky SEV-2PA NX2586, photographed at Martlesham during its evaluation in March 1939.
Close-up view of one of the 20mm cannons, mounted well inboard of the wing.
View showing the location of the two forward-firing guns and the neat installation of the Twin Wasp engine, easily accessible for maintenance.
A Seversky 2PA-L destined for Russia seen at Floyd Bennett Field.
Another view of the SEV-2PA NX2586 at Martlesham Heath. When this aircraft visited Supermarine at Southampton on March 29 Jeffrey Quill took the opportunity of flying it while Maj Seversky tried his hand at flying a Spitfire.
After reading the feature Republic's 'Jug' in AE89, Peter Green has forwarded this photo of Seversky 2PA-200 NX2586 at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, on March 13, 1939. The aircraft is thought to have been appraised by the test team, though not taken on charge by the Air Ministry - hence no RAF serial. The layout of the 'Sever/Sky' lettering on the fuselage is of interest, too. Neither this aircraft nor its visit are referred to in the article, but the registration is the one previous to the demonstrator that went to Sweden in 1939.
Two views of the Seversky's .50 calibre Browning aft-facing gun.
The scene on April 1, 1939 when Maj Seversky made a forced landing in NX2586 at Croydon, narrowly avoiding the demolition of a sports pavilion. The aircraft was shipped back to the Seversky factory at Farmingdale, Long Island. In October that year the company became the Republic Aviation Corporation.