Aeroplane Monthly 1984-12
L.Coombs - The expanding years 1936-1939 (2)
"Бленхеймы" I из 114-й эскадрильи, 1937г.
QUICK QUINTET: Another Flight aerial photograph of the first Blenheim unit at work. The dark camouflage finish heightens the impressive effect of the picture.
Blenheims of 114 Squadron photographed in 1938. This unit was based at RAF Wyton and, in March 1937, was the first squadron to receive the Blenheim into service. The aircraft nearest the camera, K7045, became an instructional airframe before war was declared.
Wellesley K7721 of the first production batch spent a period with the RAE before being issued to 148 Squadron. No 76 Squadron was the first unit to receive the type into service, the first aircraft arriving at Finningley in April 1937.
Harrows ot No. 214 (B.) Squadron take off in formation from the smooth turf of Feltwell in February 1938.