Aeroplane Monthly 1985-02
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Ju 52/3mfe D-2527 Manfred von Richthofen comes in to land. This aircraft wore a striking red and black colour scheme.
South African Airways' Ju 52/3mge ZS-AFD Sir Benjamin d’Urban at Rand Airport, Germiston, Johannesburg.
The photograph shows the Junkers-Jumo 5 installation in Lufthansa's Ju 52/3mho D-AJYR Emil Schaefer.
SP-AKX, LOT's Bristol Pegasus powered Ju 52/3m had NACA cowlings and two-position three-bladed propellers.
Deruluft’s ski-equipped Ju 52/3mge D-AXES Kondor at Moscow.
A typical prewar scene at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport. This picture taken in 1934 includes 11 Lufthansa Ju 52/3ms in the foreground, KLM and LOT Douglas DC-2s beyond and, further away, another Ju 52/3m.
Hispano-Suiza powered Ju 52/3m Bibesco.
Ju 52/3mge D-AXAN Hans Joachim Buddecke of Lufthansa at Croydon in 1934. This aircraft was later re-registered D-AHIT and renamed Immelmann.
The cabin of an AB Aerotransport Ju 52/3m. The passengers were provided with a clock and an altimeter on the forward bulkhead.
AB Aerotransport's Ju 52/3mci SE-ADR Sodermanland
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting depicts Ju 52/3m LN-KAF Askeladden on floats while in service with SAS. It had previously served with DNL Norwegian Air Lines.
The Ju 52di was powered by a single Armstrong Siddeley Leopard. The roof hatch, main loading door and fuselage side hatches are all open.
The Ju 52 prototype, D-1974, which first flew on October 13, 1930; the “double wing” may be clearly seen, and the aircraft was fitted with a BMW VIIau engine.