Aeroplane Monthly 1985-09
Personal album
D.H.89 Dragon Rapide G-ADNI, owned by the Iraq Petroleum Transport Company Ltd and based at Haifa. G-ADNI later passed to Anglo European Airways Ltd of Croydon before impressment into the RAF as W9365.
Handley Page H.P.42E G-AAUC Horsa, somewhere in Africa in the mid-Thirties. The aircraft was first registered to Imperial Airways Ltd on September 19, 1931 and remained in service with the airline until it was impressed into RAF service as AS981 in May 1940.
Handley Page H.P.42E G-AAUE Hadrian with Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta G-ABTH Andromeda at an unknown African aerodrome in the mid-Thirties. This Atalanta was originally put on the Cape Town - Kisumu route in February 1933. The aircraft was eventually withdrawn from Imperial Airways service at Alexandria after suffering mainspar damage.
Three photographs of H.P.42E G-AAUD Hanno believed to have been taken at Entebbe after a landing accident on October 6, 1935 when the Imperial Airways airliner burst a tyre in flight and overran the aerodrome. The stranded passengers and mail were picked up by an Atalanta which flew in from Kisumu and then continued to Germiston, covering 1,777 miles in one day. Hanno was dismantled and taken to Croydon for repair.
Armstrong Whitworth Atalanta G-ABTL Astraea photographed during an unscheduled stop at Aboukir, presumably for refuelling. G-ABTL was later transferred to the Indian Air Force as DG450.
These three photographs are believed to depict Imperial Airways Atalanta G-ABTI after hitting a tree on take-off from Kisumu in the dark on November 3, 1935. No one was killed and the aircraft was dismantled, repaired and returned to service.