Air Pictorial 1977-03
K.Sissons - An Environment Air Defence Force
One of ten Canadair CL-215s operated by the Spanish A.F.'s 404 Escuadron, on behalf of the Government, on fire-fighting and ASR duties.
The Ejercito del Aire is a major operator of the Canadair CL-215 amphibian which has a primary role of fire-fighting and a secondary SAR role within the CGEA's Escuadron 404, the CL-215 having been procured from 1971 onward.
The first Shin Meiwa SS-2A amphibian, 9071, now in service with the Japanese M.S.D.F. (foreground), and the prototype SS-2 flying-boat, 5801.
Water-bombing trials with the SS-2
Wind-tunnel model of the Dornier Do 24/72, an amphibious turboprop development of the W.W.II Do 24 flying - boat with retractable landing gear in the nose and sponson tips