Air Pictorial 1977-03
E.Rees - BAC's Commercial Prospects
Viewed from the Brabazon Hangar rafters, Concorde G-BOAA returned to BAC at Filton for modifications after a year in service with British Airways. Picture was taken on 27th January 1977
Concordes 01 G-AXDN (foreground) and 202 G-BBDG
Nearing completion at Filton in January were Concordes G-BOAE, c/n. 212, the last for British Airways (in background) and the so far unsold c/n. 214
Eleven 475 demonstrator G-ASYD (illustrated here) on an extensive tour of Japan and showed that the type can operate satisfactorily from the many 1,200-metre (4,000-ft.) runways used by the YS-11. At present TDA and ANA have a total of around sixty 60-seat YS-1 Is and to replace them BAC have proposed the 91-seat One-Eleven 670, which is the Series 475 with minor modifications to improve field performance still further - 20-in. wingtip extensions increasing span to 96 ft. 10 in., revised leading-edge profile, and extended-chord flaps
Latest One-Eleven in Philippine Airlines colours, RP-C1188 was previously G-AXJL and is seen at Hurn on 26th January.
Former Trans-Brasil One-Eleven 500 G-BEKA, c/n. 230; on the line at Hurn being refurbished for Arkia as 4X-BAR