Air Pictorial 1977-09
M.Allward - Israel's Kfir-C2 /Design Profile/
A pair of Kfir-C2s with serials doctored by the censor to read "719" and "711". Apparent are the saw-tooth leading edges and canard foreplanes of this developed version. The large black-edged orange triangular markings are to assist visual identification
Two views of the Kfir-C2 displayed at this year's Paris Air Show. Notable was the small size of the fighter. Lower picture shows the short after fuselage of the Kfir and the inlet at the base of the fin which provides cooling air for the engine afterburner. Also visible are the air scoops in the fuselage feeding cooling air to the engine
A Kfir C-2, serial 714, at a high angle of attack as it comes in to land
Line-up of early Kfirs without the canard foreplanes. Serials are 709, 725, 786, 710 and 716. Note the thick belt of screening trees
The Kfir production line at lAI's Lod facility. With the work force operating two 8-hour shifts, the cycle time from sub-assembly to roll-out is about 15 months. Note that the censor has obliterated the serial numbers on the aircraft's fuselages and fins
Kfir war loads. Total load for any one mission is up to 4 tons and can be a combination of drop tanks, bombs and rockets
IAI Kfir-C2