Air Pictorial 1977-09
A.Jackson - Berkshire Aviation Co. Ltd.
G-EAKX at Barnstaple in 1922 with John Holmes (right) and Joe Taylor wing-walking
Line-up of Avro 504Ks at Maidstone with the Berkshire Aviation Tours titling used in 1925. Aircraft are (I. to r ) G-EBKR, G-EAKX, G-EBKX and G-EBKB
Winter operations with 504K G-EAKX at Whitchurch, Shropshire, in 1921; runway has been dug through the snow. The aircraft is shown with its original cowling
(I. to r.) : Alan Cobham, John and Fred Holmes, with their first Avro 504K at the start of the first joyriding tour, May 1919
G-EAKX in full Berkshire Aviation Co. colours with standard cowling, after repair at at Alexandra Park - (right to left): Joe Taylor, A. L. Robinson, John Holmes and mechanic
Joe Taylor's caricature of G-EAKX under repair after an accident in 1922