Air Pictorial 1977-09
J.Rawlings - R.A.F. Germany
One of the finest low-level bombers in existence today - Buccaneer S.2B XV348 of No. 16 Squadron, based at Laarbruch
First of the two Buccaneer squadrons to be based in Germany, at Laarbruch. was No. 15 This S.2B, serial XX887, is one of the final production batch
The Hamer Force has the help of the Royal Engineers in operating from "off-base" sites - here a No 4 Squadron machine taxies across a bridge provided by the Sappers
An enemy would first have to pass the Bloodhound Mk. 2s of No. 25 Squadron, R.A.F. Missiles of the Wildenrath Flight shown here, with a Harrier behind
Taking off from a field strip, XV738 is the first production Harrier, now reissued to No. 3 Squadron as a GR.3 with LRMTS nose and PWR fin.
Laser-nosed Harrier of No. 4 Squadron, Gutersloh, under camouflage netting during an exercise away from base in June 1976.
No. 31 Squadron Jaguar GR.1 XX977 "DL" taxies out of its HAS at Bruggen. The aircraft is carrying four 500-lb. bombs and two long-range tanks
Jaguar GR. 1 XZ109, carrying an EMI recce, pod under its fuselage, belongs to No. 2 Squadron, which is based at Laarbruch and specialises in the reconnaissance role
Seen landing at Bruggen, this Jaguar GR. 1 belongs to No. 20 Squadron, fifth and final Jaguar unit to be based in Germany.
Jaguar GR.1 XX819 "BD" of No. 17 Squadron in its HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter) at Bruggen. Aircraft can be readied for flight and taxied straight out for take-off
One of No. 14 Squadron's Jaguar GR. Is pops its chute on landing at Bruggen; No. 14 was the first Jaguar squadron in Germany
For dose-in defence each base has a squadron of Rapier missiles. This picture, taken at Gutersloh, shows a Rapier turret of No. 63 Squadron, R.A.F. Regiment, with a Lightning passing overhead
No. 19 Squadron Lightning F.2As at Gutersloh shortly before replacement by No. 19 (Phantom) Squadron at Wildenrath
Wessex HC.2 XV722 "BH" of No. 18 Squadron, based at Gutersloh. Note the "toned-down" squadron emblem, in red and black, on the helicopter’s fin
No. 19 Squadron Phantom FGR.2 XV484 "G", from Wildenrath, armed with four Sidewinder and four Sparrow missiles; it can also carry a 20-mm. Vulcan cannon
Partnering No. 19 Squadron in the air-defence role at Wildenrath is No. 92 Squadron, whose Phantom FGR.2 XT899 is about to take-off from its base at Wildenrath, West Germany. On 1st April 1977 No. 92 officially took over the squadron colours from the old Lightning-equipped No. 92 which has now been disbanded
Every day the Pembrokes of No. 60 Squadron (WV701 illus.) fly in and out of Wildenrath, busy about R.A.F. Germany's communications tasks