Air Pictorial 1977-12
P.Lewis - Folland Aircraft
Fo.145 Gnat F.1 XK740 was one of six single-seat fighters ordered by the Ministry of Supply tor trials, fn the event the R.A.F. did not adopt this version
One of twelve Gnat fighters delivered to the Finnish A.F., GN103
Early production Gnat fighter, IE1059, for the Indian A.F.
An early Gnat T.1 trainer before delivery to C.F.S.
XM691, the first of fourteen development Gnat T.1s
Two-seat Gnat T.1s of the R.A.F.'s "Red Arrows" team
Folland Gnat T.1
Two views of the second Fo.108, P1775, fitted with a 1,550-h.p. Bristol Hercules VIII. It later tested the 2,400-h.p. Bristol Centaurus IV
Fo.108 test-bed P1774 with Sabre I. Note window behind cockpit for observers' cabin.
1940-е годы - испытания британских поршневых двигателей. Folland Fo 108 строился специально для испытаний двигателей. Разработанный в соответствии с техническим заданием 43/37, Fo 108 имел экипаж из трех человек, а первая из 12 заказанных машин была поставлена в 1940 году. На машине испытывали различные типы силовых установок, включая Bristol Centaurus и Napier Sabre (на снимке).
First of the Folland Fo.108 flying test-beds built to Spec. 43/47, P1774 is shown fitted with a 2,100-h.p. Napier Sabre I engine in August 1941
Pilot's cockpit of an Fo.108
Folland Fo.108 Test-beds
Fo.139 Midge prototype G-39-1. It made its first flight on 11th August 1954
Folland Fo.139 Midge prototype G-39-1 in Nordic blue scheme. Slightly smaller than the Gnat, it was powered by a 1.640-lb. s.t. Viper 101