Air Pictorial 1977-12
N.Thelwell - U.K. Agricultiral Aircraft Operators
Management Aviation Hiller UH-12E G-ATDM
Helispray Ltd., based at St. Neots in Cambridge, use two Hiller UH-12ES on year-round services. Here G-BDOI is seen spraying a field of potatoes to protect them against blight
Agricopters Hiller UH-12E G-AVKY
Farm Supply Co. (Thirsk) Cessna 180 G-BEOD
One of BEAS Helicopters' Bell 47G-5s, G-AYMY, about to land on a portable helicopter pad for replenishment during crop-spraying
Bells being prepared for spraying season by our associate Company, Helicopter Maintenance Limited
Benair Helicopter Services use five Bell 47Gs lor agricultural work. Shown here in its blue and while scheme is G-AZBR
Picture shows Aerospatiale SA.315B Lama G-AZNI ol BEAS Helicopters - the U.K.'s largest agricultural operator - picking up an underslung bucket loaded with fertiliser for spreading on trees in Scotland
Bowker Air Services Cessna A-188B Agtruck G-BBJH
Mindacre Cessna A-188A Agwagon G-BANI
Giving a spraying demonstration near Hereford are two of Aero Crop-care's machines - Rockwell Thrush Commander 800 G-BEPM (nearer, seen in its original markings N4948X) and Piper Pawnee 235D G-BEPN
One of ADS's Thrush Commander 600s, G-BCKA
Harvest Air’s Bellanca Scout G-BCSM with belly tank and spray gear
Grumman AgCat B G-BDZF of Miller Aerial Spraying at the company’s Wickenby base, 28th July 1977
Miller Aerial Spraying's Grumman AgCat B G-BDZF.
The AgCat A, G-AYTM, operated by Mindacre Ltd.
Bowker's Grumman AgCat B G-BEIJ at work
ADS (Aerial) Ltd.'s Z-37 Cmelak G-AVZB
Peter Charles (Airfarmers) Pawnee 235C, G-BAUC
Lines Aerial Spraying Co.’s Pawnee G-AVDZ at crop-top level.
One of Farmair's Pawnees, G-BDDS, about to be loaded with fertiliser
Another company with a large Pawnee fleet is Farm Aviation Services. Here 10 cwt. of fertiliser is going into G-AZPA
Two ol Westwick Distributors' Pawnees, G-ASLA and G-BCBJ
Close-up of the Micronair Rotary Atomiser Units fitted to Pawnee G-BCBJ