Aeroplane Monthly 1976-06
C.Ashford - Canada's flying firemen
Representing the latest in water-bomber technology, Canadair’s CL-215 first flew on October 23, 1967, and can accommodate 1,176 Imp gal of water in its two hull compartments.
A pioneer forestry patrol aircraft was the ubiquitous Avro 504K. This example was restored at Trenton, Ontario, in 1967, for Canada’s centennial celebrations.
D.H.60 Moth G-CAOX, foreground, and a Hamilton Monoplane, both of the Ontario Provincial Air Service Forestry Branch.
The Canadian Vickers Vancouver I, powered by two Lynx IV radials.
A pair of Canadian Vickers Vancouver II flying boats, with G-CYVR nearest, moored at a very temporary base in the heart of forest land.
De Havilland D.H.61 Giant Moth G-CAJT is readied for trials on the slipway at Short Brothers’ Rochester works in May 1928. Hubert Broad is in the cockpit.
De Havilland D.H.61 Giant Moth G-CAPG. This aircraft flew 120hr in its first month with the Ontario Provincial Air Service, carrying fire-fighters and equipment to forest "hot-spots”. Fairchild floats later replaced the Short-built type originally fitted.
Representative of the first aircraft acquired for forestry work is this Curtiss HS2L flying boat, powered by a 360 h.p. Liberty engine driving a four-blade pusher propeller.
Vedette Mk II G-CAFF in service with Fairchild Aerial Surveys Ltd.
Canadian Vickers Vedette Mk V G-CYYZ carries a camera on its bow for aerial survey photography. An Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IV radial engine is fitted.